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  • Oculentis L-312 aspherical IOL

  • Oculentis is one of the few remaining independent IOL manufacturers having their own Research and Development Department and one of the most modern manufacturing plants for intraocular lenses. Berlin (Germany) is the seat of the Executive Board of Oculentis. Together with the Oculentis in Eerbeek (the Netherlands), the producer and manufacturer of the established LENTIS intraocular lenses, Oculentis is well known for its innovative spirit. Oculentis strives to find the optimum eye care solution for surgeon and patient, and is dedicated to providing the highest quality intraocular products for treating various eye diseases and eye conditions as cataract, presbyopia or astigmatism.

    The acrylic intraocular lenses from the LENTIS series are made of the innovative HydroSmart material. HydroSmart provides a high level of comfort and best functionality based on the combination of hydrophilic material and a hydrophobic surface. The lenses are foldable like hydrophilic lenses; however, due to their hydrophobic surface they also demonstrate an improved secondary cataract performance.

    All HydroSmart lenses are manufactured with a state-of-the-art Sub Micron Lathing technique. Thanks to this technology, the lenses do not require additional polishing after production and thus keep their square edges. This “square edge design” as well as the excellent surface quality lead to a lower rate of secondary cataract formation and thus reduce the need for additional treatment.


    L-312 aspherical IOL. Bioconvex aspherical posterior optic. HydroSmart. Optic and haptics with square edges, posterior 360 degree continuous barrier effect. +5.0D ~ +35.0D.

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