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  • AMARIS 1050RS

  • The SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS is the product of continuous development work and is the most powerful excimer laser in the AMARIS product family. The innovative laser system delivers an unsurpassed repetition rate of 1050 Hz – currently the highest of all excimer lasers on the market.

    1. 1050Hz pulse rate, consequently an extremely short ablation time of just 1.3 seconds per diopter.
    2. 0.54mm spot size and the Super-Gaussian beam profile an exceptionally smooth and tissue saving ablation is achieved.
    3. Automatic Fluence Level Adjustment (AFLA) ensures an ideally balanced ration between the total number of laser pulses and the energy delivered.
    4. Intelligent Thermal Effect Control (ITEC) ensures that the laser pulses are distributed in a thermally optimised, dynamically adapted way, which gives the individual position on the cornea sufficient time to cool off. Following pulses can thereby approach an already cooled position faster.
    5. Latency-Free Tracking in the 7th dimension considers the time factor, i.e. the 7th dimension. Latency-Free Tracking compensates for eye movements that occur in the period between acquisition of the eyetracker image and triggering of the subsequent laser pulses.
    6. SmartPulse Technology improves vision quality in the early postoperative phase of all treatment methods. Surface treatments as SmartSurfACE benefit in particular, since a LASIK flap does not contribute to smoothing of the stromal surface until it regenerates.
    7. The integrated SCHWIND CAM software with the ORK-CAM, PresbyMAX and PTK-CAM modules offer a tailored treatment planning solution for a uniquely wide range of applications in refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery.

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