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  • Aviso Ultrasound Platform

  • Primary Configuration
    ◎11MHz A probe
    ◎10MHz B probe
    ◎50MHz UBM

    Optional configuration
    ◎20MHz probe for posterior pole
    ◎25MHz UBM

    1. Full-frequency ultrasound platform offers the largest choice of probe frequencies in the market from conventional 10 MHz to high frequency and posterior segment probes and covers all diagnostic needs
    2. Visualization of the eye from vitreous to orbit
    3. Unparalleled linear scanning UBM with Clearscan make UBM easier to use and shorten the learning curve
    4. Scleral echo detection can avoid the optic nerve interference
    5. Bio B for long eyes or posterior staphyloma
    6. Automatic video recording of the last 40 seconds of exanmination for best scan selection and kinetic diagnosis
    7. High performance post processing image tools such as measuremeng calipers,area,and markers for precise quantification

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