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  • Quantel Supra 810 Infra red laser

  • Primary Configuration
    ◎ 810nm Infra red laser
    ◎ OPSL Semiconductor Laser
    ◎ 3.0W high power
    ◎ Dual-use in outpatient and operation room
    ◎ Subliminal Mode,treating the macular diseases safely

    Optional configuration
    ◎ Video teaching system
    ◎ Indirect ophthalmoscopes adaptor
    ◎ TTT adaptor
    ◎ PRP adaptor

    1. 810nm adaptation to most of the fundus diseases and advanced glaucoma
    2. 3.0W high power,Semiconductor Laser,long lifetime
    3. Cyclophotocoagulation、TTT、ROP、PRP、Transscleral retinal photocoagulation
    4. UV glue full closed encapsulation technology,dust-proof and moisture-proof,prolong the service life
    5. Gentle footswitch,controls 5 settings,advanced mode of operation

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