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  • HEINE Direct ophthalmoscope BETA 200s——Aspheric optical system


    Product characteristics:
    1. The aspherical optical illumination technology is used to optimize the Gullstrand principle to achieve good illumination (separation of illumination and observation). Greatly reduces the reflection of the cornea and red magic. That is, a clear fundus image can be observed under the small pupil.
    2. XHL Xenon halogen lighting technology. High brightness, white light.
    3. Concave, multi-layer film observation window. Effectively avoid light reflections.
    4. Dustproof housing. Easy to save and maintenance free.
    5. The optical system is located above the metal base. High precision and durability.
    6. Ergonomic design. Perfect for the examiner's eyelids, the soft eyelid protector guarantees comfort.
    7. 7 spot + separate red-free filters for pupils of different sizes.
    8. Integrated fissure spot, fixation star, cobalt blue filter and no red filter to improve the contrast of observation.
    9. Diopter range: -36D ~ +38D, a total of 74D

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