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  • Leica M844 -- Redefining the premium class in Ophthalmic Surgery

  • Leica is the global leader in optical microscopes and scientific instruments, and is the ultimate optical player which focusing on optical development and manufacturing. For more than 160 years, many historical celebrities, for example queen Elizabeth, praised the Leica brand. Leading companies in various industries, such as HUAWEI, get stronger because of their cooperation with Leica.
    Leica began producing microscopes in 1849.In the field of ophthalmic surgery microscopy, Leica is dedicated to creating more real, clear and safe surgical observation experience, striving to provide more convenient and efficient operating experience for surgeons, constantly driving technological innovation and introducing classic models. Every patient and every doctor deserve the best. We sincerely hope that every hospital will find a Leica surgical microscope that works best for you!

    Leica M844 -- Redefining the premium class in Ophthalmic Surgery
    1. Same perfect view, same perfect light!
         Leica’s QuadZoomTM gives both the surgeon and assistant 100% of the illumination and the same magnification.
    2. Crisp and sharp!
        Leica’s APO OptiChromeTM M844 Optics provide the highest resolution to see even  the smallest anato-mical details.
    3. Ultra-low Angle binocular tube, comfortable posture for the surgeon

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