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  • Quantel 577 Sublinminal laser

  • Primary Configuration
    ◎ 577nm Yellow Laser
    ◎ OPSL Semiconductor Laser
    ◎ Pattern Scan Mode
    ◎ Subliminal Mode

    Optional configuration
    ◎ 20G/23G/25G Straigh/Curve/Steerable Endoprobes
    ◎ Video teaching system
    ◎ Indirect ophthalmoscopes adaptor

    1. 577 Low absorption by macular xanthophyll pigment=> Less phototoxicity,safer close to the macula, reducing the risk of laser treatment
    2. Subliminal mode affords new laser treatment options for macular pathologies
    3. Subliminal mode combines with Anti-VEGF intravitreal injection,the best partner of treating DME
    4. Subliminal mode is an effective and safe treatment for CSC,reducing the patient’s burden
    5. Pattern Scan Mode with shorter durationg time,the laser goes to the outer retina exactly(RPE),much less laser side effects
    6. Parfocal technology ensures a good homogenous laser spot profile
    7. Electronically controlled laser emission,ensures treating the pathalogies efficiently
    8. Quantel Medical “Srart and stop”principle,ensures excellent spot-to-spot laser burn consistency

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