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  • Corneal Wavefront Analyzer — Keratron Scout

  • The SCHWIND CORNEAL WAVEFRONT ANALYZER — Keratron Scout offers all the possibilities of an innovative topography system. This includes the analysis of corneal wavefront data and thus a particular precise diagnosis in the symptomatic aberrations of the cornea.
    1. High resolution of one micrometre. The CORNEAL WAVEFRONT ANALYZER fulfils the extremely high requirements of precision with resolution of one micrometre.,the smallest of irregularities is identified.
    2. Automatic repeatability tests. The CORNEAL WAVEFRONT ANALYZER analyses several images from one measurement by comparing them and assists  the planning of the treatment by its selection of the best image quality.
    3. Corneal Wavefront Analysis. The corneal wavefront analysis by SCHWIND has redefined the measurement of corneal topography. It documents the type and size of all optical errors existing on the anterior corneal surface and allows a high-precision diagnosis. It also provides all key topographical information needed to enhance power calculation and selection of contact lenses,
    4. Integrated pupillometry function. Pupil diameter can be measured under both scotopic and photopic lighting conditions with the aid of the integrated pupillometry function.

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