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  • Optos Daytona Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope

  • Daytona is the original "next generation" ultra-widefield retinal imaging device from Optos, which is available in China at 2015.
    Daytona, Optos’ patented ultra-widefield digital scanning laser technology, acquires Non-mydriatic ultra-high resolution images through 2 mm pupils and provide a view of up to 82% or 200 degrees of the retina with one single capture in less than 0.4 second.
    Daytona offers multiple wavelength imaging, including options for color, red-free, and autofluorescence with green laser light. Red and green lasers; each wavelength provides information for interpretation and diagnosis. Channels can be viewed separately:
    – Green (532 nm) “red-free” visualizes the sensory retina to the RPE
    – Red (635 nm) shows deeper structures of the retina (RPE to Choroid)

    Daytona still provides ultra-widefield autofluorescence images with green laser light displays lipofuscin in the RPE.
    Daytona also guarantees high resolution images of 14μm and a depth of field of 18μm. With the aid of  V2 Vantage Pro software, images are available immediately and stored electronically for evaluation, comparison or telehealth application.

    With its small footprint and easy to operation, Daytona is a leading provider of innovative solutions for comprehensive retinal evaluation, enabling practitioners to more effectively detect and monitor ocular pathology and promote patient health.

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