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  • Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT)

  • The Heidelberg Retina Tomograph (HRT) is based on fast and reproducable topographic measurements. The glaucoma module premium edition provides high-resolution two- and three-dimensional images of the optic nerve head, the retina module of the retina and the rostock cornea module of the cornea.

    Crisp, clear corneal images are captured with a new confocal laser microscope which combines HRT laser scanning technology and the Rostock Cornea Module, developed with ophthalmologists from Rostock University, Germany.

    The unique qualities of confocal scanning allow the laser to sharply image cellular structures and move through the entire cornea layer by layer, from epithelium to endothelium.
    This “high definition” analysis produces resolution of superb detail in real time, with the ability to evaluate and monitor corneal pathol- ogy, post operative complications, and general corneal health. Views of the peripheral areas of the cornea and conjunctiva can also be seen.

    Homogenouslyilluminated, undistorted images
    ■ Moviecapture
    ■ ManualPachymetry
    Epithelial and intra-corneal pachymetry Full corneal thickness
    Post-LASIK flap thickness
    ■ Semi-automatedcellcount
    ■ Convenientmonitoringofeyecontact via CCD camera

    Enhanced Clinical Applications
    ■ Pre- and post-surgical assessment for LASIK, LASEK, lamellar and penetrating keratoplasty
    ■ Evaluation of corneal and conjunctival infections
    ■ Early diagnosis of corneal dystrophies
    ■ Diagnosis of conjunctival and lid tumors
    ■ Monitoring contact lens wear
    ■ Post-surgical monitoring of filter blebs
    ■ Dry Eye differential diagnosis
    ■ Demodex examination
    ■ meibomian gland monitoring

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