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  • Heidelberg SPECTRALIS OCT platform

  • The SPECTRALIS® OCT platform is the next generation OCT technology, offering enhanced image quality from vitreous to choroid. With a fast scanning speed of 85,000 Hz, it improves clinical workflow and increases patient comfort by shortening examination times.

    The SPECTRALIS® Widefield Imaging Module provides a 55-degree field of view for OCT. Capturing the macula, the optic nerve head and areas beyond the vessel arcades in a single image, the Widefield Imaging Module facilitates comprehensive diagnostics. The high-resolution, high-contrast scanning laser images captured with the Widefield Imaging Module offer diagnostic capabilities beyond those of conventional fundus photography.

    The OCT2 Module is the ideal basis for advanced imaging modalities such as OCT angiography and advanced glaucoma diagnostics. Since it can be added to any existing upgradeable SPECTRALIS system, the OCT2 Module is a sound investment for the future.

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