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  • HEINE BETA 200 retina - HEINE ParaStop fine selection of parallel rays

  • The BETA200 retinoscopy mirror consists of a multi-layer filming optical system that provides good fundus reflexes and makes it easier to check for neutralization points. ParaStop technology facilitates the selection of parallel rays, simplifying and accelerating the determination of the lenticule.
    1. ParaStop (US Pat. 5, 859, 687) technology, precise and convenient choice of parallel light.
    2. Dustproof design, durable.
    3. Convenient operation, one knob controls convergence and rotation.
    4. Integrated polarizing filter reduces light scattering and pupil reflection.
    5. Strip or dot retinoscope, simply replace the bulb. (Figure 2)
    6. XHL Xenon halogen technology, high brightness, reduce pupil reflection.
    7. Metal structure, durable.
    8. Orange filter (optional) reduces the glare of the patient.
    9. Human function design.
    10. Fixture card holder (optional) for dynamic image detection.
    11. Removable eyebrows for improved inspection comfort.

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