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  • HEINE OMEGA500/ Wireless OMEGA500 Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope

  • Really mobile HEINE mPack wireless binocular indirect ophthalmoscope
    1. Lighter
    The OMEGA 500 redefines the light concept, which is 30% lighter than the OMEGA 180 and 20% smaller, giving doctors better comfort.
    2. Brighter
    The optical system of the OMEGA 500 has once again increased dramatically. The multi-layered illumination system and color temperature control LED light source double the brightness and longer life of the light source.
    Less corneal reflections make the fundus image clearer. The patented simultaneous adjustment of the illumination and viewing light systems allows observation of pupils as small as 1 mm.
    3. More flexible
    Optional wall-mounted charger, docking charger and head-mounted power supply. Wireless OMEGA 500 ophthalmoscope with mPack is flexible and unaffected by various power cords or cables
    With power supply series pictures:

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