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  • Roland Consult Electrophysiology and Imaging is produced by Germany Roland Consult .It has been 20 years from 1988s the first Roland machine came to China.Roland Electrophysiology include traditional electrophysiology and multifocal electrophysiology.

    Traduitional electrophysiology include Electroretinogram(ERG), Visual evoked potential(VEP),Electrooculogram(EOG); Multifocal electrophusiology include multifocal ERG and multifocal VEP.

    Roland Reti port / Scan21 include full-field Ganzfeld LED stuimulator;19 inch colorful TFT monitor;DC amplifier with various channels especially for ophthalmology;electrode especially for ophthalmology;computer and printer.

    Roland electrophysiology can do traditional and multifocal electrophysiology on same machine;this makes a good use of apace.Accounding to ISCEV standard,collect and record every electric signal and set Chinese normal value in the machine.Its esay to clinical diagnosis.
    Many kinds of handheld stimulator for children is optional.Rotatable Bracket is for baby;RETIscan21-SLO monitor;Console Especially for Animals.All of this can make us have a objective and accurate result.

                     Handheld Mini-ganzfeld                                                Babyflash                                                  Handheld Monitor

                         Rotatable Bracket for Children                               Console Especially for Animals

    Roalnd RETIscan21 - SLO monitor uses cSLO to observe fundus; solve the problem that some patient can not fix the monitor and use Roland RC-FET(Fundus Eye Tricking) to elminate artifact caused by eye moving.This makes fundus precise alignment.

     Roland RETIscan21-SLO Monitor

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