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First Case of Geuder "Nuclear Drop" Emergency Green Path Program
date:2018.09.12 source:Gaush

Geuder "Nuclear Drop" Emergency green path Program is a creative solution for “Nuclear Drop”: Phaco AC vitrectomy cutter + Geuder Xenotron III and chandelier system (25G) + Geuder trocar + cornea contact lens. Those construct an essential vitrectomy system for the requirement of simple vitrectomy in "Nuclear Drop" complication. The system guarantees the first-aid speed, it could be moved to anywhere just by a single person with a single backpack. It helps to solve the problem of unbalance of medical resources in china, and helps to protect both cataract patients and doctors. And, it’s a free program now, Geuder BU of Gaush is providing all the device and consumables freely!

 Dr.Zheng Rideng is using the Geuder Xenotron III and chandelier system (include 25G chandelier+25G trocar)

V grade nuclear fragment was lifted up to anterior chamber after vitrectomy

In this case, we moved 1600km from Beijing to Zhejiang province, and finished this first-aid surgery in 22 hours and 9min. It proved the efficiency and effectiveness of this solution.

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